TTC #1

Well hello there. After thinking alot about everything and realizing that I needed somewhere to go to talk about my feelings i have decided to join the blogging team  out there. I was on my infertility support group on facebook and a women was on there talking about wanting to start her own also. So after i looked at a few, i have got enough courage to write out our story.

As most of you know Jason and I got married on Aug, 7 2010. A wonderful day for the both of us. Shortly after we had started talking about kids. Like when wanted to start down that road and such. Jason was all for it right out of the gates. We tried and tried for over a year with no success to us. Go Figure. I had then went on the Internet and did some research. We found an RE ( reproductive endocrinologist) She was in between Monroeville and Pittsburgh and even though at the time we lived in Dry Tavern and it was an hour away it seemed like a perfect fit, or so we thought. It took this lady four months of talking with us before she would even do any testing. I knew we had to talk to her but man 4 months without even a blood test. After getting this huge bill in the mail we were done. We paid them and were out of there. We took a few months off of not looking for a Doctor.


Then at Britneys bachelorette party we had started talking to the party planner/host. Here she was in the same boat as us. TTC ( Trying to Conceive) for years without any luck.  We were living in Waynesburg at the time and her RE just so happened to be based out of Morgantown WV. How perfect a half hour away what better place. It is called The West Virginia University Reproductive Medicine. Its a match made in heaven.


We made an appt the next week and Jason and I loved it. In our first appt we had already had tests and exams underway. It started to get very exciting. After test results started to come back we got some bad news. The infertility word started to be thrown around. Ok no big deal, just means trying the old natural way would take longer and be harder to get the ducks in a row to time it just right. We then proceeded with doing an IUI (intrauterine insemination). I took clomid a hormonal pill to make my follicles in my ovaries huge. Then around cycle day 15 we had an ultrasound. Doc said everything looked good and the IUI was scheduled for that weekend. I was then given a prescription for shots that i had to stick in my belly to trigger ovulation so that timing could be right. Weekend came we went to the appt. It was like 6am 1 inch ice storm had come the night before and our car was covered it took us forever to chisel our way into the car. We went had the procedure and came home. I was in bed the rest of the day. Days went by praying it had worked but 15 days later it was a BFN (Big Fat Negative). We tried for months after that trying to do it the natural way but no such luck. We decided to quit for awhile our emotions were shot and we were exhausted. That then leads us to now.

I joined a infertility support group on facebook ( love you ladies) There was so much information and so much love and support from people you don’t even know, but are going through the same thing and know how you truly feel and it effects everyday life). So many things we didn’t know that were out there that people were trying at home it was a bit overwhelming at first but after you caught up i was hooked. Research after research of products and ways these ladies RE or a friend had told them about. Our first thing i decided to try is the fertilaid supplements. On Oct 30th we got them in, got some preseed , Basel thermometer, going to chart and hope for the best. Heard the fertilaid takes about 3 months to really work on your system. Basically there just a multi vitamin with a few extras that you wouldn’t get in a regular multi vit. Figured its worth a shot. If nothing else its a good multi vitamin.


Like i said ill be temping and charting so i shall post that later. Im mostly using fertility friend i have the app on my phone but also a paper one came with my basel so i copied it and keeping it with my TTC box beside my bed. I guess just for a paper reference. IDK its just nice to have a back up i guess. Luckily i’ve kept tract of AF through out the year sooooo im not starting from scratch. YAY!!!  I ordered OPK’s online and they should be here by wed. (nov. 6) so ill be able to start testing then. Right on time. You may think im crazy for being excited about all these things but idk i guess it just helps make you hopeful. Jason and i were at CVS to pick up a basel thermometer last night and i got so excited over a thermometer. LOL


4 thoughts on “TTC #1

  1. Lots of baby dust to you! I know lots of ladies who have fought the infertility beast and WON, so I have no doubt you guys will be there soon too. 😀

    • Infertility Support Group

      its a closed group that way only the people in it can see the posts and what you post and everything. it has like over 2,000 people. Its a great group of ladies with a few men in there too. Very Active also.

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