Laid up with ankle… Needed human interaction.

So, I got hurt at work last monday and am now laid up with my ankle. Its been a week, my husband is a truck driver. He’s mostly local but there are those weeks that he’g gone and i only see him for an hour every 3 days. He took off the day i got hurt, but then the week went on and i was only seeing him for an hour here and there. So i was in need of Human interaction by friday. I mean i have Max our dog but he cant talk he just lays by my foot protecting it. So My dad came and got me on Friday and i stayed at my parents that night. Jay was working so it worked out good.  My gram came over and stayed also, i haven’t seen her for weeks so it was great.


 So anyway while i was down there my mom had got her Curl formers in the mail. I watched a Dr. Oz show awhile back and they had them on there so i had got some. Then one day my mom came up and i showed them to her. She ordered some that day. Well they finally came in. So we decided to do her hair. 😀 Shes going to kill me but i love these photos. of her.  Just thought i share 😀








The Next day we had a visitor. My Nephew Riley came to see me. He played with the train table for awhile then started getting tired. I had the ipad so he crawled up on me got his baba and we watched some UmiZoomi. Didn’t fall asleep but got some snuggle time in. I dont get to see him to often we live about an hour away and our work schedules dont always match up. Man do i love that boy. ❤






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