Bare Minerals – Starting Line up 2.0

For Christmas my husband bought me the Bare Minerals stating line up 2.0. I had never tried Bare Minerals and wanted to see what it was all about. Ulta was out of the start up kits so i decided I’d try this.


I was so excited to get it home and try it out even though it was late at night. I got Fairly Light I wasn’t quite sure what color i was but the lightest they had that night was Fairly Light. Got it home washed my face, moisturized, then started with the Primer – Prime Time. This was the first time i had ever used a primer. I put it on and waited about 5 mins someone had told me i could put the makeup on right after but they thought it was better if you wait a few. It made my skin really soft and made my pores less visible kinda like an airbrushed effect on my cheeks where my pores are outrageous. I seriously think my pores could be considered their own country.  I watched a few you tube videos on how to correctly use Bare Minerals the correct way. So I then started with the Foundation. I tapped out a bit and used my concealer brush to cover some of my problem areas. That was great!!! Used the swirl, tap, buff method and started with my cheeks. Let me just say this stuff was awesome. It wasn’t hard to understand the whole less is more. I found that the more you buff the better it gets all the time.  I have really red cheeks but after a few applications it really tamed it down and it only looked like i had a little blush on. If i do about 3 or 4 applications it will take my redness away but im ok with “Natural Blush” so i rarely use 4 applications. You only need a little for each application too. You would never think that so little could do so much. The Mineral Veil you use after is rather nice. It came in translucent which was fine with me. I actually love this, I use it with my liquid foundation also it is now my go to setting powder. This kit came with a full size mascara and a lip gloss. The brush for the mascara is like these mini bristles that seperate your lashes with every stroke.

url-6 Great staying power and made my lashes look defined. The lip gloss was there full size moxie in mavericks. It had great color. It kinda smelt like a hint of espresso. Doesn’t stay on all day but it does have good staying power.

This kit is originally $39 I got mine on sale at Ulta for $29

All in all this kit was great to start out with great price since then I have built my Bare Minerals set up a bit since then but ill save that for another review.

Ulta – Starting line up 2.0


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