Biotera Long and Healthy Shampoo and Conditioner


When it comes to my hair i look like i came out of the 80’s. My hair is CRAZY!!! All over the place frizzed like i just fried my hair on a frying pan. I’ve been coloring my hair since i was 14. My hair barely grows The longest i’ve ever had it was right between my shoulder blades and i had grown it out for my wedding but it took me 3 yrs to get it to that. I did the unthinkable about a year after i got married i got it cut short again, you would have thought after having short hair my whole life id wanna stay away. Well not the case i got it cut up to the bottom of my ear lobes, AGAIN. AHHH!!!


So after awhile i of course got tired of short hair like always. So i went on the search for hair extensions I had never tried them before but i missed the long hair i had. I called around priced it out but there like $500, sorry but thats not in my price range. So i went to Sallys thinking ill just get clip ins. After talking to a worker there she showed me the Biotera Long and Healthy Shampoo and Conditioner. So i tried it out. It by far is the best shampoo and conditioner i have ever had. EVER…

I’ve been using it for probably about 6 months now. My hair looks so healthy its so soft. It smells wonderful, my husband loves it. THE BEST PART… My hair is growing YAY!!!! My hair is now about an inch below my shoulders. I love it. I get mine in the liters and it seems like every time i run out there is a sale on it so i usually get a Liter for $7.50. I have a beauty club card so i get a lil off. Ive had these bottles for about 3 months now. and im 3/4 of the way through it. You don’t need much so even at the regular price of about $13 for how long it lasts and the results i get i say its worth it.

I also use there Leave in Conditioner and Styling Hair Protectant for Blow Drying. They don’t weigh your hair down and it has protected my hair. I constantly blow dry straighten and curl my hair.  I think all of there products are great. I like spending half of what i would if i bought shampoo and conditioner at the salon.

Sally Beauty Supply


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